One-Off Classes

Saturdays 10:00-16:00

Golden Egg

For beginners and improvers

An Art deco and Faberge inspired design. Stitched on purple silk in real gold thread.

During class you will master basic, felt padding and soft string padding. Also, the techniques of couching, chipping and cutwork.

£198 (includes kit)

Crewel Egg

For mixed abilities

A Jacobean and Faberge inspired design. Stitched on linen twill with Appleton wools.

During this class you will learn marking on technique and a variety of surface stitches, including stem, stain, padded satin, fly stitch.

£121 (includes kit)

Blossom Egg

For mixed abilities

A Japanese blossom inspired Faberge egg. Stitched on pale blue silk, in real silver thread, Swarovski pearls and sequins.

During the class you will learn how to mark on, couch metal thread, sew on sequins and pearls.

£198 (includes kit)

Christmas Stars

For mixed abilities

Make a beautiful Christmas ornament, for a gift or just to adorn your tree. This beautiful piece is stitched on silk, with real gold thread and sequins.

During the class you learn to mark on, felt padding, couching and cut work as well as how to secure sequins.

£154 (includes kit)

Swatch Card Tote

featuring kona cotton solids

For beginners

Finished bag measure 19” x 14” x 2” featuring kona cotton solids.

HALF DAY 9:30-12:30


Simple Swaddle Blankets

For beginners

Finshed blankets measure 40”x40”

HALF DAY 9:30-12:30


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