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Twist Twists or Torsade, threads made of multiple strands of metal twisted together are  such as Soutache, sometimes have different coloured metals or coloured non-metal threads twisted together. These are either couched like passing, with the couching thread visible, or with the thread angled with the twist to make it invisible. 

It comes in both gold silver and copper, but also a wide range of other colours from peacock blue to coral red. 

 It also has a wide range of widths Elizabethan Twist about 0.25 mm in width, Super Twist 0.35 mm in width, No. 1 Twist 0.5 mm in width , No. 1 ½ Twist 0.7 mm in width, No. 2 Twist 0.8 mm in width , No. 3 Twist 0.9 mm in width, No. 4 Twist: 1 mm across the width of the thread and finally No. 6 Twist 1.2 mm across the width  of the thread 

We stock 3 ply twist light medium or dark gold 2m for £1