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Pearl Purl

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 Jaceron or Pearl purl is similar to buillion, but with a much wider piece of metal which has been shaped (rounded) prior to purling it, such that it looks like a string of pearl-like beads when couched down between the wraps of metal.
Pearl Purl can be stretched before it is used which enables the couching down thread to slip down between the twist of the wire. Tiny stitches are used to sew down the pearl purl at 3 or 4 coil intervals in a thread of the same colour and at the same angle as the twist of the wire so that the thread slips down between the coils and is invisible. 

It can also be over stretched to be filled with a colour silk or left bare. The thread is stiff and easy to manipulate, and the end of the thread is cut sheer at the top of the work, rather than taking the end to the back of the work. Pearl Purls threads are used as outlines for design, especially around sharp corners or as a filling and can be combined with other threads for interesting effects. Pearl purl comes in a range of width and colours, from the standard gold silver and copper as well as more modern colours. 


Very Fine Pearl Purl is 0.6 mm in width, Super Pearl Purl 0.75 mm in width and is Equivalent in size to No. 4 Jaceron, No. 1 Pearl Purl is 0.90 mm in width  and is Equivalent in size to No. 7 Jaceron, No. 2 Pearl Purl is  1.1 cm in width  and No. 3 Pearl Purl: 1.25 cm in width. 

The Coloured No. 2 Pearl Purls: Vary in size from 1.25 cm – 1.75 in width of the thread depending on colour 

Sold in 18inch lengths