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Japan Thread

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Discover the world of Japan thread, also known as “jap,” a cost-effective alternative to traditional passing thread. That has become increasingly popular in modern goldwork embroidery. While it bears a striking resemblance to passing thread, Japan thread distinguishes itself by featuring a core wrapped with a strip of foil paper rather than metal.

Japan threads are renowned for their versatility in goldwork embroidery. They are often couched down two threads at a time, allowing for faster coverage of the design area, couched down with either the same colour sewing thread or a contrasting thread.  These threads create captivating patterns, known as Or nué, when coupled with opposite threads.


Let’s delve into the two main types of Japan threads:

1. **British Burnished**: These threads offer an antique aesthetic and are categorized by width and a “T” designation. The finest is T69, measuring 0.75mm, while the thickest is T72, at 0.25mm.

2. **British Glossy**: Renowned for their impressive shine, these threads are numbered from 1 to 13 and lettered. The thickest is K1, measuring 1mm, while the thinnest is K13, labelled no. 8.


Each purchase of Japan thread provides 5 meters of this versatile material, priced at just £2.50 per 5 meters. Choose from various attractive colours, including gold, silver, and copper, and options like K1, K2, and K4, ready to ship and enhance your embroidery projects.

In summary, Japan thread, or “jap,” has become a preferred choice in modern goldwork embroidery due to its cost-effectiveness and unique characteristics. With options ranging from British Burnished to British Glossy, you can achieve various textures and effects in your needlework. Elevate your craft with Japan thread, available in various colours and sizes. Then, explore the endless creative possibilities it offers in your goldwork projects.

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