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Bracing needles

We are introducing our innovative Double-Bladed Bracing Needle, a game-changer in embroidery and crafting. This exceptional needle was designed for use in wide range of creative applications. Making it a must-have tool for all your embroidery and crafting needs.

The unique feature of the Double-Bladed Bracing Needle lies in its dual blades, which provide unmatched versatility in your embroidery projects. Crafted to perfection, these needles are the perfect solution for precise and controlled stitching, whether you’re an experienced embroiderer or just starting your creative journey.

In the realm of embroidery, precision is paramount, and these needles deliver. The graceful curve of the hand allows for effortless manoeuvring through the framing-up process. At the same time, the double blades ensure that you can efficiently work through multiple layers of embroidery fabric. Say goodbye to threading struggles and hello to efficient and enjoyable stitching.

Traditionally, needle length is measured in imperial units, specifically inches. While the gauge of the wire used in manufacturing determines the needle’s diameter. These measurements ensure that you always have the right tool for your framing up to allow perfect tension to be gained to produce exquisite embroidery projects.

Priced at just £4.00 each, our Bracing Needle Spring Needle offers affordability without compromising quality. These needles are designed to meet the demands of professional embroiderers while remaining accessible to crafting enthusiasts of all levels.

Our Double-Bladed Bracing Needle is a game-changer in embroidery and crafting. Its unique design and double blades make it an essential tool for achieving precision and control in all your embroidery projects. Elevate your embroidery game with these versatile needles, where quality meets affordability. Discover the unmatched craftsmanship and reliability of our Curved Spring Needles and unlock their potential in your creative endeavours.

For help choosing the correct needle, look at our friendly guide