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Crewel work coffee cup

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This beautiful and practical crewel work coffee cup wrap, is an essential piece in especially in  winter.

It keeps your coffee warp and your fingers from being burned.

The coffee plant design is  lovingly stitched on linen twill, in Appletons crewel wool.  Using a set of the most used crewel work stitches both in crewel work or surface embroidery.  This is an essential kit for any beginner embroiderer or coffee lover.

Firstly, the design works the simplest stitches in surface embroidery, such as stem stitch and back stitch, whilst encouraging the stitcher to try more complex stitches such as trellis and wipped and woven wheels.

The crewel work coffee cup wrap comes with water soluable fabric, to allow you to easily transfer the design. Then wash away when finished.

Crewel work is a great beginners option, especially for those wanting to make the jump from cross stitch to surface stitching. Crewel work uses the fine 2. ply crewel wool, as it allows a finer finish than thicker wools. This is the traditional type of thread used  in crewel work embroidery. The technique dates back towards the 17th century when it reached it higher of popularity.

kit contains, Appletons crewel wool, linen twill, chenille needles, cotton batting, lining fabric, ribbon ties and fully illustrated instructions.

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