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Rainbow Elephant cross stitch

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This bright and fun, geometric rainbow elephant cross stitch is a perfect starter kit for any beginner or child. This makes great stocking stuffer, small gift for the grandkids or an elephant lover.

This fun and simple kit is suitable for an absolute beginner and children over the age of 5.
It’s stitched in the simplest of the embroidery stitches, cross stitch. Using a vibrant red, bold yellow, deep blue, luscious green, royal purple and vibrant pink. With a black outline defining the areas.

The pre-printed aida makes it simple to work.It comes with all the threads required, a large easy thread needle. Also included is a child friendly full instruction booklet.

Rainbow elephant cross stitch  kit design approx: 6” x 6” or 15 x 15cm (embroidered area). Please note that this is a kit, it doesn’t include, frames or tools used for embroidery. Colours may vary slightly from the image portrayed. Despite our best efforts to avoid this.

Finally, The kit is packaged in a recyclable white paper bag, with wrapped paper handles. Consequently Making the entire kit ecologically sound and entirely plastic free.

Once finished, the kit can be easily mounted for framing or incorporated into a quilt or even a simple bag.

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