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Seat Frame with Hoops

Discover the Elesbee Seat Frame, a crafting essential to elevate your embroidery game. Crafted with precision from exquisitely polished hardwood, these seat frames offer unparalleled versatility, comfort, and durability for your embroidery projects. Get ready to embark on a journey of creativity and precision with a seat frame that adapts to your needs.

The Frames

Our Elesbee Seat Frame boasts an innovative set of three interchangeable hoops measuring 10 inches, 8 inches, and 6 inches in diameter, ensuring you have the perfect canvas for all your embroidery projects. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your embroidery journey, this seat frame, with its versatile hoops, is a must-have tool for your creative endeavours.


Each Elesbee Seat Frame package includes one hoop, offering a choice of 15cm x 20mm, 20cm x 20mm, or 25cm x 20cm, allowing you to select the ideal size for your project. This flexibility empowers you to tackle various embroidery tasks with precision and ease.


But the customisation options don’t end there. Elesbee offers bothbound and Unbound seat frame options to cater to your preferences. Whether you prefer the traditional charm of bound edges or the contemporary aesthetics of unbound edges, we have the perfect choice.

Are you looking for additional frame options? Explore our Scroll or Slate frames to diversify your embroidery toolkit. At Elesbee, we are committed to providing top-quality embroidery frames to enhance your creativity and craftsmanship.

Curious about how these frames can enhance your work? With the Elesbee Seat Frame, you can bid farewell to discomfort and distractions during your embroidery sessions. Our ergonomic design allows you to adjust the height and angle for maximum comfort, reducing strain on your neck and back. This ensures that you can focus on perfecting your artistry without physical discomfort.

Elevate your embroidery projects to new heights with the Elesbee Seat Frame. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a  hobbyist, our seat frame with interchangeable hoops and adjustable features is a game-changing tool that will transform your crafting experience. Explore ourbound and Unbound options and other frame choices to discover the perfect tool for your next masterpiece. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to boundless creativity with Elesbee’s exceptional embroidery frames.

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