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Barrel Clamp


The Elbesee Barrel Clamp is a versatile companion designed exclusively by Elbesee for its hoops and frames. They are providing an efficient alternative to the traditional paddle base. This accessory is a game-changer if you prefer working with your embroidery frame securely attached to a table rather than being clasped under your thigh.

With the Elbesee Barrel Clamp, you can create your ideal embroidery setup. Because it’s engineered for convenience, allowing you to comfortably work on your projects without needing thigh support.

Suppose you’ve previously purchased a seat frame set from us. Therefore, be rest assured that the Elbesee Barrel Clamp is designed to fit your existing stem seamlessly. It’s a hassle-free addition to your embroidery toolkit, enhancing your crafting experience with Elbesee’s commitment to quality and innovation.

The Barrel Clamp, meticulously crafted by Elbesee, is a testament to the brand’s dedication to providing solutions that cater to the unique preferences of embroiderers. It’s a versatile and practical accessory that lets you choose your preferred working style.

The Elbesee Table Clamp is an indispensable tool for embroidery. Enthusiasts who appreciate the flexibility of working with their frame attached to a table.

Designed to integrate with Elbesee hoops and frames seamlessly, this accessory is an ergonomic and convenient addition to your embroidery setup. Experience the ease and comfort it brings your creative journey, and elevate your craft with Elbesee.


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