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Tapestry Needles

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Tapestry Needles, which, depending on your location, are sometimes referred to as Cross Stitch Needles. Understanding the nuances of needle sizing and types can significantly impact your needlework, and we’re here to guide you through it.

First and foremost, when it comes to Tapestry Needles, it’s crucial to remember that the size number corresponds to the fineness of the needle. Our inventory offers three commonly used sizes: 22, 24, and 26. Each size serves its unique purpose, catering to your specific stitching needs.

These needles boast a rounded point and a generously sized eye, making them preferred for open-weave fabrics. They are often called Cross Stitch Needles due to their compatibility with such fabrics. Open-weave materials have a distinct warp and weft pattern. The rounded point of these needles effortlessly glides through the gaps in the fabric. This prevents the risk of the needle catching and snagging the base fabric, ensuring that your stitches remain clean and precise.

Maintaining an even stitch size is paramount in counted work and intricate needlecraft techniques. Tapestry Needles are your trusted tool to achieve this consistency. Their design allows for a smooth and uniform stitching experience, resulting in a beautifully even finish.

In summary, our Tapestry Needles, sometimes called Cross Stitch Needles, are a must-have addition to your needlework toolkit. With a selection of sizes, you can confidently tackle open-weave fabrics, ensuring clean and consistent stitches in your embroidery and counted work. Master the art of even stitching with our high-quality Tapestry Needles, delivering impeccable results in every project.

For help on selecting the correct needle, see our guide here.