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Embroidery needles

Embroidery Needles, often called Crewel Needles, are the go-to choice for countless stitchers. They are the most commonly selected needles among embroidery enthusiasts.

I kickstart the journey with a trusty size 7 Embroidery Needles when I conduct my introductory embroidery classes. These needles are the perfect starting point, offering a sharp point for precision and a more generous eye than the typical Sharp needle. This giant eye proves invaluable, mainly when working with multiple strands of embroidery thread.

Embroidery Needles like these are ideally suited for closely woven fabrics, ensuring your stitches land with the utmost accuracy and finesse. It’s the perfect needle to have in your toolkit for those intricate, detailed projects.

Now, let’s talk size. These  Needles come in various sizes, but my recommendation remains steadfast: opt for either size 7 or 12. These sizes strike the perfect balance for various embroidery projects, making them incredibly versatile. Whether you’re a seasoned stitcher or embarking on your embroidery journey, you’ll find these sizes your trusted companions.

In summary, these  Needles, often known as Crewel Needles, are the beloved choice of countless embroidery enthusiasts for good reason. They feature a sharp point and a generous eye and are ideal for closely woven fabrics. When it comes to size, you can’t go wrong with a trusty 7 or 12. So, whether you’re teaching an introduction to embroidery class or working on your masterpiece, these needles are the essential tools that simplify the art of embroidery.