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Clifton College Bristol approached us to assess the banners which hang in the Chapel and, whilst other works were going on, give them a good clean and some tic. On first inspection, we found many years of hanging in bright sunlight, under candles and 100 years of teenagers. Time had taken its toll on the banners, though some were worse than others. 

The Banner was gifted to the college by the family after the death of their son. In WW1.


The First job was to get the banner down, which involved erecting a scaffold tower and some interesting balancing from the building team. We carefully wrapped the flag in acid-free tissue paper and rolled it onto a tube for support while in transport. The images clearly show the severe nature of the damage. 

It was then carefully assessed and cleaned using a conservation vacuum and netted to support the weakening fabrics.  Two brass hoops were added to aid in the rehanging of the banner in the college.

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