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Monograms are a wonderful way to celebrate an occasion, this piece was created for a client as a unique birthday gift, we created the specific monogram. 

Our client approached us looking for an incredibly unique gift for her husband, he a private gp and a very eccentric gentleman.

We decided that a monogram, to hand in his office at work, would be a perfect gift, and going through an old pattern book we stumbled across the font she fell in love with.  We then discovered it matched the font from a 1920’s font from a book which he loved as a child. 

The piece was hand embroidered in Gold and copper on a black silk thread.   Each letter has felt padding beneath to add height, its edge in pearl purl wire, with chipped diamond tips.

It is now hanging proudly in his Harley Street Surgery, and his wife couldn’t be happier.

 “ O wow!!! That’s so beautiful. He may cry “ when she saw the piece when she collected it for his birthday.

We regularly do monogram work for wedding table wear, groomsman’s gifts, wedding presents and for special occasions.

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