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How to prepare your embroidery hoop

When I was thought embroidery, we weren’t thought these steps and then you can imagine bunch of 16-year-old girls in Art school complaining that the

pile of pink, blue and white pearleascent sequins on a white background

Sequins the Biological and Social Nasty!

Sequins – all for their aesthetic appeal are terrible for the environment, most are made from petroleum plastics and synthetic resins, that are not bad for the environment, but the workers tasked with sewing them on, but also the wearer as emit carcinogens and hormone blockers. We do note that chemicals used in the fashion industry amount to 25% of all chemical output according to green peace.

Case Study – American Bride

We were contacted during lockdown by a lovely American couple planning to get married at Leed’s castle in the summer of 2022. She had chosen

Case study – Haig Banner

Clifton college Chapel banner Clifton College Bristol approached us to assess the banners which hang in the Chapel and, whilst other works were going on,

Hand embroidered king fisher in blue leather sequins. this is discusseed in this embroidery and stitching blog

Case Study – King fisher

Metallic sequin Kingfisher In the spring of 2022, a long-standing client approached us for a gift for his brother, who is part of the Fortnum

A warp and weft diagram show what count means

What does Count mean ?

What does count mean in embroidery? This means one thing but calculated in two ways, which is why we have confusion. Firstly, one for general

selection of embroidery threads in a wooden storage box

Guide To Embroidery Thread

Embroidery thread can be classified in several ways, firstly material then we come to types as each material has a variety of types cotton threads

Stumpwork cabinet from the 17th century from the Oxford ashmolean collection

Stumpwork Embroidery

The precise origins of raised embroidery (stumpwork) are lost in time. So one can only look back to a period when even earlier embroiderers were

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