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Best Christmas Gifts for Embroiderers !

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I know Christmas is coming ! and for most it’s months away, but it’s the time of year to begin thinking what do I want as a Embroiderer or for those with a Stitchy family member a few ideas ! These are the Best Christmas gifts for embroiderers we could find.

Top Price range ! of the best Christmas gifts for embroiderers

A DMC Collectors box of threads
This is the Best gift for most embroiderers, it contains all 500 thread colours , in an antique style wooden box I know at £475 is a bit pricey, but imagine what you can save that year on buying thread colours. . Avalaible from Dmc direct or Amazon

Slate Frame and trestles
These aren’t really for beginner, but professional frames get a tension that just can’t be achieved on hoops. they come in different sizes 18 or 24 inch,. But you can get custom ones made . A good set of trestles will last a lifetime and help keep frames at the correct height and angle, this saves hours of back pain. A slate frame costs between £75 – 90 and a good set of adjustable trestles cost about £500 Both Frames and Trestles are made from Beech. Available from Mrs Embroidery

Proper Lessons
for many this is a lifetime dream to study with a reputable tutor. This can be done online or in person, in a group setting or individually. There are a wide variety of tutors around but one with Royal school of needlework trained embroiderer or Ecole Lesage would be best. Classes range from £145 for a day class to £33,000 for a full professional training ( this isn’t due in one lump sum)

Mid range – best  Christmas gifts for embroiderers


if you can’t justify a full set of trestles a Lowry Frame is a good alternative and they have some very fun colours and attachments. A lowery Fram can hold a hoop, scroll Fram and even small slate frames. they are very solid and can easily fit in a small room, they also have table clamp variations. the accessories include a daisy dish for bits, lamp attachment point, pincushion, frame holders for the corner or centre and spare bits are easily available the stands vary from £124 to £150. Available at Lowry frames

Good Scissors

again these should last a life time, a good set of fabric shears, thread snips and embroidery scissors. this is also worth the investment as cheap scissor wear out too quickly, and don’t necessarily have the edge. My preferred are Ernest wright scissors, they will also sharpen them for you later on. A set of tailors shears vary due to length so prices from£225 to £90, a set of thread snips is £52 and finally a set of embroidery scissors is £54 Available from Ernest wright

Magazine subscription

there aren’t many out there, so for inspiration rather than how to do. I suggest Embroidery Magazine by the uk embroiders guild there are 6 a year at £34.99, Mr X stitch magazine is monthly at 3 months free and then £10, Textile fibre forum an Australian publications there are 4 a year at £29.99 . For doing magazines there is Stitch from the uk embroiders guild there are 6 issues at £33.00 , Love embroidery its £26.99 for 6 issues, and Inspirations another Australian magazine there are 4 issues a year at £39.99


these come in a variety of types, levels and styles. I would suggest avoiding amazon as their are many stolen designs, Etsy, not on the high street, British craft house or a reputable website are best. Cost also depends on the type of kit, a tapestry (needlepoint) can be around £50 to £2700 for a large Kaffe Fassett kit. But there are some very fun designs out there. Designer such as Hannah Bass and Crafteratti or one of our own funky designs.For crewel work kits try The crewel work company or Melbury Hill they range £30 to £500 depending on the complexity.

Daylight lamp

– These again come in a range of styles and types, floor based lamps, clip on lamps, table lamps and magnifiers . They all have one thing in common that they use a bright white blue light, this avoids changing the thread and fabric colours and really helps in winter when the light is poor. my favourites are. a clamp based magnifying lamp, this is my go to light especially when doing fine work.£89.99, second my travel lamp, this I use when sampling or working away from home £35.99 it clips onto my seat frame or any desk . Then my floor lamp which lives in the studio £172.56 it does everything.


there are many storage options available but these are some of my favourites, first a fully number bobbin set designed for a Bisley cabinets a full set cost £160 then you need the cabinet £119 and foam inserts £8.00 each ! but this is a stitchers fantasy storage available at pip and chip. Alternates include DMC thread bows £1.59 for 10 , wallets £2.25 for 10 , dmc labels £ 3.25 for a full set and then a good binder. Then the final option is plastic thread bobbins £8.99 for 200 and a really useful box 4 litre with divider trays £13.99

Budget – best Christmas gift for embroiderers


these are small magnetic badges that you add to you work to avoid your needles getting lost or leaving stains on your work . You can get a whole range of sayings, images and fun options so can be easily tailored to the recipient. these range for £5.00 to £30 again depending on design.


we have many many options so for a beginner I would recommend The embroidery Stitch bible by Betty Barnden at £11.99, Gold work: Techniques, projects and pure inspiration, Hazel Everret at £12.85 , The crewel work book by Tracey Franklin, contemporary White work by Tracey Franklin and new ideas in Goldwork by Tracey Franklin, Anything by Trish Burr, but her colour confidence in embroidery is my favourite at £17.69For a more experienced stitcher I would recommend the Opus Anglicanum : a practical guide by Tanya Bentham at £14.64

A Seat Frame

For those who work with hoops but no frame or no hoop at all . This is a game changer, to have both hand free while yo work . There are a variety of options, some like a barrel clamp frame attach to a table. I use an Elbesee 25 wood hoop and frame, for all my kits and sampling for commission work. £39.00

Gift Certificates

– these don’t have to be pricey, but save hours of stress. Suggest again avoiding amazon and trying Etsy, Royal school of needlework, my own etc

Stocking Stuffers

  1. shower cap for keeping your hoops clean,
  2. needle-puller for helping grip fine needles and when sweaty palms happen
  3. Tweezers for helping to unpick
  4. kai scissors perfect sharp point scissors
  5. pin cushion for holding pins and needles while working
  6. Needles a stitcher always needs new needles
  7. Entermology pins these are ultra fine pins they are perfect for delicate fabrics and historic materials
  8. Thimble perfect for protecting those delicate and valuable stitching fingers
  9. Stiletto these we use for marking guide holes for stump work and gold work.
  10. micron pigma pen a fine line pen, conservation grade so won’t fade or damage the fabric
  11. Fabric these can be good quality cotton, zweigart linen or Aida it depends on the style of embroidery they do.
  12. Floss sorter to help keep their floss organised while the stitch

Free ! This may sound daft, but the most asked for and best Christmas gift for embroiderers was time ! So if you can clear them a day or several days of time just for them to just stitch, the brownies points would be amazing !!!

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