Guide To Embroidery Threads

Embroidery threads can be classified in several ways, firstly material then we come to types as each material has a variety of types cotton threads come in a range of weights (thicknesses) and for different uses. Stranded cotton – This type of thread is the most commonly used and  threads are a 100% cotton and […]

Stumpwork Embroidery

The precise origins of raised embroidery (stumpwork) are lost in time, so one can only look back to a period when even earlier embroiderers were working in the narrative style. Using two layers of linen fabric , a cotton wadding sandwich, and white as well as light brown linen threads, Sicilian embroiderers created the narrative […]

A Guide to Embroidery Fabrics

To be honest there really aren’t any fabrics you can’t embellish, but some fabrics are more suited to specific techniques or just make the whole process less complex.