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Our Furry Friends

The Studio Cats

Sushi (Princess)

Sushi, arrived at the end of the academic term in  2015 after my daughter had lost her beloved cat kiki.   She is half main coon and half Heinz 57 ( again we don’t know, mum got knocked up on a night out)   She is supposed to be a big cat, this hasn’t exactly worked as she is absolutely tiny under that fur and is our smallest cat by far.    She is a complete lady from the way she walks to demanding to eat only the most expensive main coon food, and her daily bowl of cream ( she isn’t lactose intolerant ). She enjoys supervising all we do and nothing is more comfy than a freshly framed up slate frame.   To gain attention she like to head butt you and stick her fluffy tail in what ever you are doing , including lunch. 

Wasabi (Ninja)

She is our middle cat, but has the most interesting personality, she arrived as a Christmas gift for the kids after losing their beloved muppet ( who passed after 18 years of reminding us we are staff). She arrived on Christmas eve, and began her reign, she likes to sleep in the most unusual places, stock boxes, on work, in plant pots, basically anywhere that is annoying.. She is also the resident mouser, regularly leaving morning gifts for us. She is a keen supervisor and critic of our work, and gains attention by licking toes and then biting them (possibly it isn’t the worst thing she ate today, after the mice )  

She is known for her regular desk wars, on Instagram which she usually wins. She is part Bengal and part I have no idea.    


Miso (Gangster)

Our tuxedo cat, arrived during lock down to support my daughter with her mental health.  She is half british short hair and half , well your guess is as good as mine.  She was supposed to be s small, cute cat.. She is in fact  a very large, food motivated. thug. Who now has to take a run up at the cat flap , suck it up and drive hoping she doesn’t get stuck.  

She’s also several sandwiches short of a picnic.  


Wilf is our Photography Assistant, he is the newest addition at Catherine East photography.  He get very excited every time we drop items for the next shoot, so much so he needs to be shut out.   He is a British short hair , and we adore his silver stripes, and gentlemanly disposition  

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